01. The cat ran up a tree to [protect] itself from the dogs.
02. The children were wearing heavy jackets, hats and wool mittens as [protection] from the severe cold.
03. A turtle's [protective] shell is very useful in keeping it safe from predators.
04. Ramsey Clark once asked, "Who will [protect] the public when the police break the law?"
05. A Czech proverb states, "Do not [protect] yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends."
06. When I was little, my big brother used to [protect] me from the neighborhood bully.
07. The rose has thorns for [protection] from animals which would eat it.
08. Snails produce a colorless, sticky discharge that forms a [protective] carpet under them as they travel along.
09. In 1995, a NASA employee bought six plastic owls at a discount store to [protect] the space shuttle from woodpeckers.
10. Only about 30 percent of teenage males consistently apply sun [protection] lotion outdoors, compared to 46 percent of female teens.
11. Of all colors, gray lenses in sunglasses best [protect] the eyes against the sun's rays.
12. If you must smoke, [protect] your children by always smoking outside the home.
13. Camels have long, curly eyelashes and bushy eyebrows to [protect] their eyes from the sand, and shield them from the desert sun.
14. Baseball players wore [protective] helmets for the first time in June of 1938.
15. In 1888, the nation of Brunei became a British [protectorate]; independence was achieved in 1984.
16. [Protective] form and coloration are adaptations shown by many animals.
17. Studies show that only a fraction of the world's one billion young people know how to [protect] themselves from HIV infection.
18. In order to truly fulfill their potential, children need to be [protected] and well taken care of.
19. John Foster Dulles once noted that of all tasks of government the most basic is to [protect] its citizens against violence.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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